A licensed medical doctor performs this procedure with years of experience. First, a powerful anesthetic numbing cream is applied to the penis to ensure the procedure is pain-free. Following this, blood is collected from the patient’s arm using a specialized tube and spun for 9 minutes in a specialized centrifuge. This process separates the PRP layer (which contains powerful growth factors, nutrients, and peptides) from the other parts of the blood. The PRP layer is collected and injected directly into the penis in specific locations.

Following the treatment, you will be given a specific protocol for post-care. There is no downtime, and you can return to normal activities within a few hours. Results begin to appear 4-6 weeks post-treatment. Some patients require 2-3 treatments for optimal results. Typically, results last up to 2 years. Some patients opt to do maintenance procedures on an annual basis.


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Have you been diagnosed with urinary incontinence and are struggling to find relief?

Introducing EMSella, a revolutionary medical device that is Health Canada and FDA-approved to treat urinary incontinence. This unique device uses electromagnetic impulses which can simulate up to 11,000 perfect Kegel exercises in just 28 minutes! Doing this leads to strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, which can help reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence. Plus, treatments are pain-free, comfortable, and do not require you to remove your clothes. Most users report a marked improvement in their urinary issues after 6 treatments! With EMSella, you won’t have to live with urinary incontinence any longer!

The sexual health benefits of EMSella are often overlooked but worth noting. The physically stimulating effect that contractions of the pelvic floor muscles have on the area results in increased blood flow and nerve stimulation to the genital region. These effects can greatly aid sexual operations, as well as enhanced sexual intercourse sensation for women, while men have reported an improvement in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It’s no wonder many sexual health professionals are increasingly suggesting EMSella for sexual health issues!

At Vivacity Medical Centre, our healthcare professionals combine EMSella with other anti-aging therapies, such as the P-shotTM and O-shotTM, to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

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