Skin: Your Canvas of Natural Beauty.

At Vivacity Medical Centre, skin is our passion. From texture and tightening to targeted treatments for acne, we harness advanced technologies and expert techniques to craft personalized skin care solutions.

Skin Texture & Tightening: Achieve that firm, youthful skin with our advanced skin tightening treatments. We redefine your glow by smoothing wrinkles, reducing sag, and refining your skin texture.

Filler Injectables: Accentuate your natural beauty with our filler injectables. Let us restore volume, smooth out wrinkles, and contour your features for a refreshed, youthful look.

Spider-Veins Treatment: Banish unsightly spider veins with our effective, targeted treatments. Reclaim confidence in your skin’s clear, healthy beauty.

Proactive Aging Injectables: Stay ahead of time with our proactive aging injectables. These treatments keep wrinkles at bay, maintaining your skin’s youthful and radiant allure.

Dark Spots & Scarring Correction: Minimize dark spots and scarring with our advanced treatments. We strive for an even skin tone and smooth texture, enhancing your skin’s health and beauty.

Non-Surgical Face Sculpting: Define your features without going under the knife. Our non-surgical face sculpting techniques contour and balance your face for a naturally harmonious look.

Skin Lumps & Bumps Removal: Trust our expert team for safe and effective skin lumps and bumps removal. Journey with us towards clear, smooth skin.

Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare: Pamper your skin with our pharmaceutical-grade skincare products. Using the highest quality ingredients, we help you maintain a healthy, radiant glow.

Acne Treatment Plan: Take control with our personalized acne treatment plans. We’ll guide you through a customized regimen designed to clear your skin and prevent future breakouts.

Rediscover your skin’s potential and celebrate your unique glow with Vivacity Medical Centre – because beautiful skin is always in.

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